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Spring is coming

The season is changing, and the weather along with it. Temperatures vary a lot from day to day, spring winds are here, and the air is cold and dry. These are all qualities of vata dosha, and this increase in vata in the environment affects our bodies and minds as well. You may be experiencing symptoms of fatigue, moodiness, variable appetite or elimination, dry skin, or achy bones and muscles during this shift from winter to spring.

So how do we keep vata dosha under control? Increase the vata pacifying qualities of stable, warm, moist, and soft. This means take it easy and give yourself time to rest and sit quietly for meditation. Make sure you’re still dressing warmly enough. Emphasize abhyanga (warm oil massage) and a warm bath in your daily routine. And keep a diet of warm, soft meals. This is NOT salad season! Enjoy soups, winter squash and warm drinks. Also try vegetable dal soups.

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