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Consultations with Dr. Sunil Joshi or Dr. Shalmali Joshi are available for scheduling. Please refer to the sections  titled Dr. Joshis' schedules to find out when the doctors will be in seeing patients in various locations. 


The consultation is 45 minutes long and will begin with pulse reading.

There will be a comprehensive discussion with the client about their health. Detailed information will be provided about Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle. 


Dr. Sunil Joshi and Dr. Shalmali Joshi prefer to work with clients who are willing to integrate suggested changes into their lives in terms of adjusting diet and lifestyle, and taking herbs. 


They only do consultations in person.

Please refer to the locations section for contact information for scheduling.



"After 20 years of hearing doctor's say that I was in perfect health, and knowing in my heart that I was not in the balance that I craved, I finally was graced to meet Dr. Sunil Joshi.   As I committed more and more to his personalized diet and lifestyle suggestions,  I experienced more consistent physical, mental and emotional equilibrium.  This growth has only multiplied with Pancha Karma treatments. To top it off, Dr. Joshi has only treated me with the highest integrity and respect. I am deeply grateful for a life changing doctor!"

Swaran Kaur


Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic Cleansing program designed to remove unwanted toxins from the tissues and restore energy and vitality.

        There are three phases to Panchakarma: 

The first phase is Purvakarma which consists of Ayurvedic bodywork, steam therapies and herbal supplements to help the body loosen toxins that have accumulated in the tissues. This phase requires a minimum of 7 days before the toxins can be easily eliminated.

The second phase is Panchakarma. This is when the toxins are eliminated with the help of herbal supplements.

After the body has been cleaned out then the third phase - Prashat Karma - is initiated to help rejuvenate the tissues and restore energy.

       Dr. Sunil Joshi and Dr. Shalmali Joshi require a consultation with the patient prior to performing panchakarma. 

       In the USA location  it is offered a 8-day long panchakarma.

       In the INDIA location  longer panchakarma is performed.

   Please refer to the information in the Locations section for contact information regarding panchakarma with Dr. Joshis in the different locations.

"I have been struggling with my hormonal health since i was in my teens. After a devastating miscarriage when i was in my late 30's  I sought Ayurveda women's counceling with Dr. Shalmali Joshi. She helped me balance my hormones, heal me from my loss and prepare me for my pregnancy. She supported me throughout my pregnancy and prepared my body to deliver a beautiful, healthy boy. I feel very blessed to have her as my Ayurveda doctor."


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